Theatre-maker. Performer. Teacher.


by Martin Sherman

Directed by Ann Cunningham

Presented by Room B.

26th-31st August, Quaker Meeting House

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 1996


In Nazi Germany there was only one thing worse than being a Jew.

Life in 30’s Berlin wasn’t always a cabaret. Especially if you were gay. But there always comes a time when you have to stand up and be counted. Gay or straight, if you have a heart, you will find Bent a deeply moving and profoundly uplifting experience. See it.



Matthew Cottrell - Max

Peter Bramley - Horst

Steve Penney - Rudy

Claire Cogan - German Officers

George Croft - Greta

Simon Imrie - Wolf





Taragon Theatre, Toronto Canada, Sept 2003


Deep Freud Chicken was the result of a month long performance research and development project in Toronto, which explored Bouffon and Grotesque.


The project was co-ordinated and directed by Ann-Marie Kerr,  a co-creator and fellow performer of SPLICE.




Narciss I

Directed by Peter Bramley

Created by the ensemble

Adventures in Space Project 2002 -Chisenhale Dance Space 1-2 June 2002


Anyone might excusably have fallen in love with Narcissus, even as a child, and when he blossomed into a man, his path was strewn with heartlessly rejected lovers of both sexes; for he had a stubborn pride in his own beauty.



Hannah Bentley, Peter Bramley, Dawn Fleming, Iain Tidbury, Sarah Owen, Heather Code, Nixie Farina, Samantha Wright, Gavin Smith


A short film Narcissus & Echo Based on this original stage version was later made in collaboration with film director Christopher Watson.

crackers vicious



Troy Peron (real name Graham Bundley) is a bitchy drag queen way past her prime who shamelessly plots her way from Lewisham to Hollywood, cleanly slicing egos as she goes and hurting people for fun. A sharp comedy dealing with contemporary gay culture and someone who lives camp and trash like some blind religion.



Alasdair Sheard, Darren Hunsley, Debbie Bentley, Linda Taylor, Matt Fotterall, Peter Bramley, Steve Penny

“Vicious is an hilariously funny and well observed piece of work by a talented company who give strong, comic and sometimes very moving performances” 



“Well acted comedy. You actually feel part of it”


Written and directed by Peter Bramley, Vicious is performed with panache. A wickedly funny observation of the hedonistic world of homosexuality"



Written and Directed by Peter Bramley

Presented by Room B

Etcetera Theatre

Camden 4 - 23 February 1997


 "The play, which, believe it or not, is full of humour, shows that even under the most brutal regimes the human spirit cannot be completely broken. Beautifully acted in a simple but effective production, it has great sympathy with the characters as they keep a grasp of love and dignity against all odds."


Fever (The Bacchae - Euripides)

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 1995

Conceived and Directed by Peter Bramley

Presented by Box Theatre



Laura Blumenthal

Peter Bramley

Anna Onslow-Macaulay

John Sims

Lindsey Stewart

Linda Taylor

Kate Whitmarsh



 “Box Theatre Company’s physical theatre production uses mask and dance in a performance which is sometimes funny, particularly the account of Dionysus’s birth…an energetic production.”



“Physical theatre is a suitable form in which to rework Euripides’ The Bacchae and Box Theatre Company has taken to its task with great vigour and a deal of inventiveness.”



Crackers! (A not-Ballet)

Inspired by and set to Tchaikovsky’s

The Nutcracker Suite

Created and Directed by Peter Bramley

Adventures in Space Project  

Performed at the Winchester Project

London, May 2001

Only 220 shopping days left till Christmas!


The little girl that Santa forgot. How would you feel getting a set of spanners for Christmas, when what you really longed for was a Prom Queen Barbie? Follow Clara's journey as she battles with giant flies, judges Russian gymnastics and Sumo wrestles with balloon people. Crackers is a ballet without any dance. It is a Christmas hamper stuffed with more than just Eat-me dates and Spam.



Hannah Bentley, Andrew Eglinton, Simon Iorio, Kate Lush, Louis Norris, Richard Self, Miki Shirane, Linda Taylor



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