Theatre-maker. Performer. Teacher.

Presented as part of the Enterprise 06 Arts Festival The Space, London, 30th May – 4th June 2006




Sesmin Banasko

Hannah Bentley

Jennie Clark

Lucy Corbally

John Johnson

Emily Juler

Angus Lindsay

Claire Lubert

Michaela Lucas

Ruth Oakley

Gareth Taylor

Rachel Thompson




Catherine Henderson

Gregory Last

Rhys Saunders


Director - Peter Bramley

Original Songs by Lucy Egger

Music Direction - Gregory Last

Associate Director (Croydon) - Ben Alexander

Technical Director - Rachel Betts

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"A sumptuous and applaudable piece of work, full of imagination and pleasing detail and a cast who all shone…Pants on Fire are creating wonderful and imaginative Theatre"





We join our hero as he leaps from a burning fighter plane and hurtles towards the sea. Could his fate be sealed like Icarus who descended from the skies on melted wings? The ancient world of Greek mythology bleeds into World War II as our champion tries to escape a labyrinth of hospital corridors and destroy the Minotaur who lurks within his comatose nightmare.


Can his wartime sweetheart help him find his way out? We can only watch as the gods decide his fate from their toe-tapping celestial dancehall.


Pants on Fire returns with its unique fusion of dynamic theatre, epic storytelling, puppetry, film, original music and a live band.

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