Pants on Fire is a theatre company based in London. The company was formed in 2004 to create new, exciting, high quality theatre and committed to crafting original, dramatically dynamic, visually brilliant and widely accessible work. From original devised shows to re-workings of classical texts, Pants on Fire's performances focus on the ensemble, visual storytelling, energetic play and magical theatricality. Live original music and song is a distinct element in all the company's work. Puppets, masks, inventive props and costumes, mime, dance, projections of original film are all theatrical tools at its disposal. The creation process for the company is ensemble driven, basing its sensitivities in play, style and the language of theatre – all anchored to the poetic search for truth. The company’s mission is to explore new theatrical possibilities and push the form beyond its boundaries. Pants on Fire aims to create uniquely theatrical worlds, which rely on the imagination of the spectator and form a synergy between performer and audience.



October 2015: OVID"S METAMORPHOSES, 1month run, Pop-Up Palais, Crouch End

October 2013: Pants on Fire Film produce "Blue Sky"

August 2013: Pants on Fire's PINOCCHIO, Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh Festival

May 2013: Pants on Fire Film produce "Private Wifi"

March 2013: 1 week Research and Development Residency, Tolmen Centre, Cornwall

February/March 2013: Development ' Pants on Fire's Pinocchio', Rose Bruford TYA

October - November 2011: THE FUMIDOR, Warehouse Theatre, Croydon.

August 2011:OVID'S METAMORPHOSES, Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh Festival

July 2011: THE FUMIDOR, IYAF Kingston

July 2011: OVID'S METAMORPHOSES, Latitude Festival

February- June 2011: OVID'S METAMORPHOSES, UK Tour:

January 2011: OVID'S METAMORPHOSES, The Flea Theater, New York City

November 2010: OVID'S METAMORPHOSES. Pleasance Theatre, Islington

September 2010: OVID'S METAMORPHOSES, Warehouse Theatre, Croydon

August 2010: OVID'S METAMORPHOSES, Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh Festival


24 July 2010: OVID'S METAMORPHOSES, Greenwich Theatre, London

16 May 2010: A RIGHT OLD KNEES UP! 1940’s Tea-Dance, held at the Space, London

September 2009: Previews of OVID'S METAMORPHOSES. The Barn Theatre. Rose Bruford College

April 2009: Showing of a work-in-progress of OVID'S METAMORPHOSES. Theatre Symposium, Rose Bruford College

July 2007: Pants on Fire return to the Arena Festival, Germany with OINK! having been commissioned by the festival as the Co-Production

2007: Hannah Bentley wins the Stage One Bursary for New Producers

July 2006: SPLICE: A Theatrical Ode to Cinema at the Arena Festival, Erlangen, Germany.

WINNERS OF THE PUBLIKUMSPRIES (Public Voted 'Best of Festival'), and the 2007 Co-production Commission Prize

May 2006: LABYRINTHINE, The Space as part of Enterprise 06, London

Aug 2005: SPLICE: A Theatrical Ode to Cinema, Underbelly, Edinburgh Festival

June2005: SPLICE: A Theatrical Ode to Cinema, Oh! art Oxford House, London

May 2005: SPLICE: A Theatrical Ode to Cinema, Queille Festival, France

April 2005: TOSSED! (William Shakespeare's The Tempest), People Show Studios, London

June 2004: Pants on Fire founded and registered as a limited company pants Facebook-Button